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The designation, features and a range of application of the electric pumps are the same as above mentioned leakproof electric pumps such as , , .

At the Customer request the electric pumps can be made for a concrete working conditions in a range:

- Delivery - from 1 up to 600 m3 / h;

- pressure - from 10 up to 800 m;

- Pressure in the electric pump contour - up to 100 kgf / sm2;

- Temperature of the handled liquid - from minus 100 up to plus 450 .

- density of the handled liquid - up to 2500 kg / m3.

Electric pumps, as a rule, are made in an explosion proof version.

Mounting position of electric pumps - horizontal or vertical.

Unlike electric pumps such as , , the nomenclature of which is practically unchanged, the nomenclature of the special electric pumps such as -; - ; - is constantly supplemented with production, designed on different conditions of the Customer (delivery, head, temperature, density and viscosity of liquid handled, material of flowing part, etc.).


Example of a symbolic notation of the electric pump of type:

) centrifugal leakproof singlestage electric pump

1 221-OS D 23-05833093-038:2003, where:

1 - order number of modernizing;

- canless electric pump;

221 - serial registration number;

OS - singlestage.


) centrifugal leakproof multistage one-sided electric pump

1 250/3- D 23-05833093-039:2003, where:

1 - order number of modernizing;

- canless electric pump;

250/3 - serial registration number;

- multistage one-sided.


) centrifugal multistage two-sided electric pump

931- D 23-05833093-040:2003, where:

- canless electric pump;

931 - serial registration number;

two-sided multistage.



  • In the handled liquid a nonabrasive enclosures by size up to 0,2 mm and up to 0,2 % by mass are admitted.

  • The material of details of the flowing part details of the electric pumps: symbolic designation

       K - stainless steel 121810 the GOST 5632-72, 12189 the GOST 977-88;

       E - stainless steel 1017132 the GOST 5632-72, 1218123 the GOST 977-88;

       A, 1 - carbon steel (basic parts, cover plates), stainless steel 121810 the GOST 5632-72 (shells of the rotor and stator), 141844 the GOST 977-88 (impellers, bearing bodies, the detail of the pivot unit), 2013 the GOST 5632-72 (the arbor of rotor);

       K, 1 - stainless steel 2013 the GOST 5632-72, 2013 the GOST 977-88 (the arbor of rotor, elements of groove seals of pump part); stainless steel 121810 the GOST 5632-72, 12189 the GOST 977-88 (other details of  flowing part);

       K, - stainless steel 1017132 the GOST 5632-72 (shells of stator and rotor, impellers, bearing bodies), stainless steels 121810 the GOST 5632-72, 12189 the GOST 977-88 (other details of  flowing part).

  • Electric pumps are made for the voltage 380, 500, 660V (it is stipulated at the order) and for current frequency of 50 Hz.

  • Electric pumps, as a rule, are made with the explosion proof marking 1dsII4 H. The other marking of explosion proof is in the column of the table16.

  • More detailed information includes graphic dependencies, schemas{circuits} binding and control, description of construction, rules of assembly and operation rules, is in the operational documentation on electric pump.

  • For optimal selection of the special leakproof electric pumps such as -, - and - taking into account the specific conditions of their exploitation (delivery, head, parameters of liquid handled, etc.) the factory - manufacturer (joint-stock company Moldovahydromash ) recommends the Customer to write in the questionnaire and to send it for the coordination (the form of the questionnaire is applied).

  • The joint-stock company Moldovahydromash can make and deliver special leakproof electric pumps with the parameters which are different from ones shown in the table for what it is necessary the Customer to write and send to the factory - manufacturer the questionnaire on the applied shape.

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