Joint-stock company " Moldovahydromash " is one of the largest pumps producers from  East European countries. In the CIS the concern continues to remain one of the main producers and designers of chemical, faecal, sea, circulating, special and other electric pumps. The produced pumps are used at the chemical industry plants, at the oil refining plants, in an iron and steel industry and in other branches. The Kishinev factory of leak proof pumps has been created in 1957 and is situated in the industrial zone of Kishinev. On December, 29, 1992 factory has been reorganized in a joint-stock company, the authorized capital stock of which is 4,3 million US dollars and is 100 percents distributed between physical and corporate entities of Republic of Moldova.

     Joint-stock company " Moldovahydromash " has wide technological opportunities. In its composition  there are:

  • Machine workshops;

  • Assembling departments of pumping equipment;

  • Forging shop;

  • Electro winding section;

  • Department of a gas-plasma cutting of metals;

  • Blank production shop;

  • Steel production (output up to 2.0 thousand tons of a different kind of casting in a year);


Steel (including heavily alloyed steels), iron casting and nonferrous casting (copper, aluminum, a brass, etc. it is manufactured)

Methods of casting: in the sand forms, investment pattern (investment casting), injection casting, a chill casting, and other methods.


  • Mechanical workshop;

  • Toolmaker’s shop;

  • Department on production of an optional equipment;

  • Test station;

  • Department of painting and packaging of the final product;



All productions, workshops and departments are equipped with the technological equipment providing the production of highly complex pumping equipment, of various rigging and of complex optional equipment.

Joint-stock company "Moldovahydromash" has the big technological opportunities, having in its compound every possible workshops and departments which allow to produce pumping equipment from a zero cycle.

а) The blank production shop is outfitted with the equipment:

  • Chipper edger;

  • Settings for a plasma cutting up to 100 mm of width of every possible kinds of steels, alloys;

  • Guillotine shears for resquaring of a sheet up to 16 mm;

  • Squeezer - shears;

  • Bending presses bender;

  • Mill for flexibility of sheet;

  • Machines of friction welding


b) A forge - press shop:

  • Mechanical press with an effort from 25 tones up to 2500 tones;

  • Hummers of manual and a smith forging;

  • Automatic-press machines from 63 tones up to 100 tones

 c) The toolmaker’s shop has departments:


  • Machining section

  • Coordinate-boring department (section)

  • Grinding section

  • Tool-grinding room

  • Branch section of a profile abrasion

  • Metalwork section

The workshop produces all kinds of dies, injection die, fitting-out and different instruments.


d) Mechanical and assembly departments are equipped:

  • Screw  lathes of different modification;

  • Lathe, drilling-milling and boring and marry-go-round machine with CNC;

  • Revolving semiautomatic machines capable to make all kinds of hardware (bolts, nuts, arrows) and other details;

  • Multiple semiautomatic machines;

  • Horizontal - borer;

  • Grinding machine including circular grinder, plain grinder, hole grinder;

  • Broaching machine.

 e) The welding department is equipped with different welding automatic machines and semiautomatic machines that allow to make quality welding of different steels and alloys..






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