Name of liquid

Typical representatives


Tap, hot, destiled, deionized, desalted, sea, hydrogen, hydrochloric solution, NaOH water solution, technological condensate

Water with chemical admixtures

Oil products, grease, oils, ammonia, galvanic process, with hydrogen sulfide, cyanide combinations, fenol (phenolic)

Liquefied gases

Freons, chladones, ethan, propane, butane, liquid propilen, liquid ammonia, liquid dioxide of carbon, penthan, propanpropilen, liquid dry chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, isobutene, gas a condensate, heptyl, isobutylene, isobutyl fraction

Acids mineral and their anhydrides

Nitrogen, sulphuric, phosphoric, boric

Organic acids

Acetic, metanoic, propion, fatty acids, tartaric, lemon, acrylic, chlorosulfonic, dicarbolic acids, butyric nitrilacrilic acid

Acids, bases

Sodium pyretic, ammonia, potassium hydrate, limemilk, degreasing solution

Salt solutions of mineral acids

Sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, sulphate ammonia, sulphate sodium

Oxides, peroxides

Peroxide hydrogen, ethylene oxide, four nitric oxide, liquid carbon dioxide, propylene oxide, chlorine oxide of phosphorus

Oil products

Industrial oil, transformater, compressor, linseed oils, petrol, kerosene, solvents, antifreeze, ethylene, diesel fuel, oil KP-8, white-spirit

Ether, aldehydes, ketones

Ethylacetate, formaldehyde, acetoacetate ether, diethyl ether, acetic, dimetylformaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl ether, oil aldehydes, vinyl acetate, diphenyl oxide, acetophenol, formalin, furfurol, butyl acetate


Dimethylamine, threemethylamine, ethylendiamine, hydroxylamine, hexamethyleneamine, triethanolamine, polyethylenepolyamine, triethylamine, aniline, utropin, acrilamide


Ethyl, methyl, propyl, butyl, isoamyl, isopropyl, glycerine, summary spirits, cyclohexanol, alcoholic solution, spirit condensate, isopropanol, ethyleneglycol, diethyleneglycol, triethyleneglycol, ethylhexanol



Dichlorethan, dichlorobenzene, chloramines, four chloride carbon, vinylchloramide, dimethylchloresilan, oxidchlorene, ethylenetetrachloride, trtrachlorethane, methylchloride, ethyl chloride,chlorsilane, chloroform, ethylene chlorohydrin, ethyl chloride, ethyl chlorhydrin, ethyl chlorhydrate, cyclohexane

Aromatic and terpene carbones

Benzol, pine oil, xylole, toluene, isopropyl benzol, mono ethyl benzene, polyalkylbenzol, ethylbenzene, cyanide benzol, antifreeze, nitrobenzene, phenol, cresols, isoprene, pyridine, alkyl phenol, dibutyl phthalate, metaxylene, methylmethacrylate, triphenyl phosphate

Microbiological products

Micropreparations, biosuspensions, organic-salt water solution, bioamines


High-temperatured heat carriers, diphenyl mixture, aromatic oils

Another mediums

High molecular combinations, dyes


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