Joint-stock company " Moldovahydromash " in its structure has scientific-and-technical baseline and carries out developments of perspective samples of new engineering, and also makes projects under technical requirements of Customers.

The factory accepts orders for manufacture of different nonstandard equipment, details, blanks, making of other technological operations.

Now in joint-stock company operation on preparation to the certification of system of quality based on international standards ISO-9001 of version 2000 is carried out.

Quantity of the personnel makes about 1000 person. The general area of territory makes more than 8 hectares. Joint-stock company " Moldovahydromash " is interested in increase of production, in creation of joint ventures on delivery of the state-of-the-art equipment with elements "know-how". The factory is provided with the necessary thermal and electrical power, water, gas and has access to the railway.

In territory of the factory are three engineering buildings, two office buildings, three large storages, loading tramp with access to the railway.

Joint-stock company Moldovahydromash being the large producer of pump equipment in territory of the CIS, more than 45 years makes pump equipment with the wide spectrum of application.

Basic products of the company are the centrifugal leackproof explosion-proof electric pumps mechanically representing a monoblock consisting of the built-in shielded engine and pumping unit.

On the basis of this construction diagram are created a lot of electric pumps by capacity from 1 up to 180 kw for delivery of aggressive, fire-explosive, toxic, neutral, including condensed gases, bleeding of which in environment is inadmissible.

For all period of existence of the factory not one generation of leackproof electric pumps was replaced: these are well-known electric pumps of , , type.

From the end of 80th years the factory has passed on new type of electric pumps with the improved technical characteristics. At one time the range of parameters of electric pumps was enlarged - on delivering, headings and capacities. The design of electric pumps was constantly modernized with the purpose to increase the coefficient of efficiency, optimization of applied engines, and increase of maintainability.

Electric pumps of type on its design and applied materials are general-purpose, i.e. they can be applied both for aggressive, and for neutral fluids. On the base of commercially available electric pumps centrifugal leackproof explosion proof electric pumps of type with parameters: on delivering - from 1 up to 500 m ³/h, head - from 20 up to 375, capacity - from 1 up to 150 kw. Electric pumps of type are created one, two and three-stage, thus emptying of fluid from the engine is carried out through the hollow shaft of a rotor that simplifies the assemblage and ensures stable operation of electric pump that is not dependent on possible mistakes of Consumer at binding.

Delivered pointed before electric pumps of and type do not comprehend all possible necessities of Customers on the parameters (temperature, delivering, head, applying materials and etc.). In this case factory can develop and deliver in the shortest periods (up to 3 month) ) electric pumps of type under concrete operating condition of the Customer.

As a rule, in the construction of specified pumps use engineering solutions used in the serial production. Production emitted by the factory are constantly improved, including and with allowance for wishes, and sometimes and requirements of producing people as immediately from places of maintenance, and from our specialists of department of commissioning.

So, in pumps construction the off-loading system from axial forces has been changed that has allowed to raise lifetime of cushions. Control of axial forces is included in the required list at holding of acceptance trials of pumps on factory benches.

For opportunity of control of pressure in a cavity of stator winding, in case of breakage of a shell, the special connection with flame trap is applied for accessing of an electro contact vacuum gauge.

In pumps of all types instead of connection-face interconnections are applied flange as a matter of convenience maintenance. In a construction of pumps engines of new generation with the improved energetic and mass-dimensional performances are applied, new insulating materials such as NOMEX of Dupont firm are applied. The winding is executed on wires with a reinforced insulation. Now modular insulators of contact studs are applied. Process of soldering in boxes of outputs, is exchanged with connection with the help of tips. Under recommendations of the Leading research institute on the flame-proof electrical equipment (, Donetsk), is exchanged amino plastic on premix -20, that has largely increased dependability of the lead-in arrangement. The manufacturing methods of end-effectors on rigs with CNC is mastered, that has allowed to increase on the one hand their quality, and on the other hand the maneuverability has appeared at manufacture of new end-effectors under special requirements of the Customer.


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